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Ideal fly set up for coastal sea trout and bass

6 September 2017  |  Admin

Chasing Silver On The Open Coast ​

Fly fishing for bass and sea trout on the open coast is one of the most demanding saltwater experiences to be had around the United Kingdom and Ireland. Not only does it really test your casting ability and presentation skills, but the sheer power and athleticism of these fish means the effort is well rewarded by the brute for and ignorance of the fight.

Often the terrain and conditions make the art of presenting a fly to a feeding fish rather tricky as you fight the wind, tide and swell!

To shift the odds in your favour it really is critical you select the right bits of kit for the task in hand


Choosing the correct tools for the job


For fishing open coastlines with plenty of onshore wind you want a rod which can punch flies accurately into these often troubling conditions. The Tidal range from Scott is ideal for turning over flies and delivering accurate and precise presentations when it matters!
The fast, crisp action generates fast line speeds and tight loops which all come together when you need to make that perfect cast. 


Double hauling flies from dawn to dusk means you need a lightweight reel to lower the fatigue and keep you fighting fit when the line tightens! The Waterworks Lamson Speedster 3 weighs a mere 4.7oz - machined from 6061 Aluminum it is lightweight yet strong and smooth making it ideal for these lighter saltwater applications. 


It's no use having a crisp rod, light reel and then not matching it up with a slick line ... the Scientific Anglers Mastery Saltwater WF7F comes into it's own for delicate presentations in windy conditions. Origionally tailored for flats style fishing the copound taper helps turn over larger flies allowing you to throw a wide range of patterns to suit the scenario. 

Matching The Hatch 

All fly anglers will be aware how critical it is to match the food source present and the same rules apply when you venture into the salt. 

Whilst it is great to turn up and find the fish chasing shoals of sandeels or fry it often isn't the case and the bait on the menu is often much more subtle and less visible. 

Fulling Mill have an outstanding array of flies to cover all eventualities however, if you want to think outside the box a little bit, then take a look at some of the bonefish and flats style shrimp patterns and try them out over here in the colder waters around the U.K. and Ireland. 

Take the Cuban Shrimp for example ... it is intended for bonefish however, it makes a lethal fly for sea trout and bass over sand and around weedy margins. 

Bringing it all together

Most of us will spend hours thrashing the water, making cast after cast knowing full well the reward which lies in wait if we just keep persisting. 

It really is something to behold when you manage to make that one perfect cast which punches out into the wind, the line zipping out from the tray and the fly neatly turning over as it begins to enter the kill zone. 

After a few strips you begin to wonder if the fish are there never mind feeding and then before you complete your thought process the line tightens, your instincts kick in and you strike - Fish On!

Tight Lines, 

Serious Country Sports Team 


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