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Scientific Anglers Line Care

To optimize the performance of your Scientific Anglers fly lines, Here are Our recommendations: 

1. Line Cleaning: 
The best way to clean the line is to use a SA cleaning pad. These do the best job of cleaning your lines, and it is the quickest and easiest method. Use the light gray side (non foam side) of the pad to clean the dirt off.  Mild hand soap and water on a cloth work well also. Don’t use detergents or harsh soaps, some of the important lubricants may be removed from the line’s surface. Clean your line if you see that it is getting dirty, or if you notice that it doesn’t float or shoot as well as used to. New AST lines will require less periodic cleaning.

2. Maximum Performance:
For maximum performance and line life, keep your lines clean using the above methods. Should you desire a further, temporary performance boost, consider dressing your line with SA line dressing. Any line will shoot and float better after dressing, although the effects are temporary as the dressing will wear off with use, and the dressing tends to attract dirt and algae. Our new AST coatings benefit less from dressing than other coatings as they are slicker to start with.

3. Dressings: 
Use only a silicone based dressing.  We recommend Scientific Anglers Dressing.  Avoid solvent based dressings like Mucilin which can actually damage fly lines.

4. Protection:  
Avoid as much as possible, excessive exposure to  heat and UV light when you store your lines. Do not leave them for long periods of time in a hot car, this can be very damaging.

5. Things to Avoid:  
Avoid line contact with any solvent based chemicals as well as items such as:  insect repellent with DEET and  sunscreens.

6. Storage:
It is not necessary to remove lines from your reels for off-season storage. They should be clean and dry, and should be stored where they will not be exposed to heat, light, or any chemicals. If you have lines that you plan to store for extended periods, the refrigerator or even freezer is best. 

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