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Andy is the resident Fly Expert here at Serious Fishing, who has a passion for all things Fly Fishing. With over two decades of angling experience, competing professionally at the nation level, as well as having been on the Pro Team for Guideline Fly Fishing, Andy is passionate about gearing customers up with the best possible gear and helping them raise their fishing game.

When Andy isn't hitting the banks and beats of fishable water, you could probably find him in his Fly Tying room (yes, you heard that right, he has a whole room dedicated to the craft) concocting new patterns to give him the edge on the water.

"I have been fishing since I was 17, initially lure fishing for pike. I have been fortunate to travel and it was when I was in New Zealand that I discovered fly tying and fishing. I love tying flies and focus mainly on saltwater and predator flies. 

I have a two person kayak which I often take out on the local rivers in search of pike, chub and perch. 

In 2015, I was one of 8 lucky people picked to take part in a BBC tv show called Earths wildest Waters : The Big Fish. A fishing competition along the lines of the bake off, which took us all over the world. I made it to the semi final, but lost a big sturgeon because of a bent hook, and so missed out my spot in the final."

"Together with my team, I have been a dry fly-fishing instructor around the world and in the UK for over nine years, I have acquired a good knowledge of different fishing methods around the globe. Having worked and visited some amazing countries like the Caribbean, Slovenia and Spain as well as guiding in New Zealand and Russia, I have been able to broaden my knowledge in the field of fly fishing and country sports.

Having undertaken a photography business in 2009 and helped develop a Sporting agent over the last 2 years. I decided to set up my own sporting adventures with the idea of getting back to hunting and fishing like we used to without always using the 5 star luxury makeup."

Martin Grove 

Michael McGuigan 

"Based on the Norfolk / Suffolk border with the River Waveney and the North Sea on my doorstep, my main style of fishing is from a packraft. Whether its fly fishing or Chub on hard to reach sections of the river or lure fishing for Pike. I've been fly fishing for a couple of years and absolutely love the minimalistic style. Fishing goes hand in hand with my ethos of 'get outside' whether you can find an hour on your local lake or a 2 week expedition through arctic Scandinavia.."

Michael very much enjoys scouting around the local river, nymphing for small brown trout all the way up to the local Dollaghan and Salmon that run off the lough to spawn.

Michael regularly gets out to study the waterways, how they flow, how they run off, and what’s hatching so that when all the conditions align, he has all the knowledge to draw upon and can get out and land that trophy fish!

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